VNCW glossy 2016 – Chemical Warehousing

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In this edition of the Dutch Association of Chemical Storage Companies we explain the way we store chemicals in the Netherlands and  present a couple of members of the association. These companies show that the Netherlands is the gateway to Europe. They also show that the companies represented by the VNCW can provide safe storage of chemicals and fulfill a vital link in our society.

The Netherlands is Europe’s second largest import destination for non-EU countries; especially petrochemical products and specialty chemicals like paints and other coatings enter the EU through Rotterdam. The Netherlands imported over €11 billion worth in chemicals from the United States in 2015. The Dutch government has qualified the chemical industry as a priority sector as part of its new economic policy. The majority of European chemical and industrial clusters are within a 500 km radius and the storage of chemicals is an important part of the chemical chain. Providing safe storage before a chemical product goes to the end user or the next in the chain is a vital role in society.

The storage of chemicals is a profession. The companies that fall under this category are required to have a broad knowledge of the facts. From external risk, health and safety policy, training courses for risk management, storage and dangerous goods to fire-resistant buildings and standards for firefighting systems, flooring, ventilation, scaffolding and emergency lighting.

Together with my colleagues in the board Mrs. Mieke van Ginkel-van Maren and Mr. Machiel Faeseler we invite you to learn more about safe storage of chemicals in the Netherlands.

Mr. Luciën Govaert

President of the board