The Dutch association for chemical warehousing


The VNCW is the Dutch association representing the interests of chemical storage companies within the Netherlands and abroad. Among those storekeepers are various types of businesses, from small businesses to multinationals. From chemical producer to logistics company that stores materials for third parties. Founded in 2008, the association has experienced constant growth and it also expects to continue to grow in the coming years.

Due to stricter regulations for the storage of chemicals, firefighting systems and due to the issue of the implementation of rules for external safety, a strong need existed among the companies to unite. Thus they were and are better able to provide a counterweight to governments; national,  international and to regulatory suppliers.

The storage of chemicals is an important part of the chemical chain. Providing safe storage before a chemical product goes to the end user or the next in the chain is a vital role in society.

The storage of chemicals is a profession. The companies that fall under this category are required to have a broad knowledge of the facts. From external risk, health and safety policy, training courses for risk management, storage and dangerous goods to fire-resistant buildings and standards for firefighting systems, flooring, ventilation, scaffolding and emergency lighting.

The trade of storekeeping chemicals is a profession for those who dare to take risks. Despite all precautions, accidents are prone to happen. At any given time, something can happen. In that case one hopes that the staff proceeds as they have been taught.

Our in the world unique association shows that the Netherlands is the gateway to Europe. Our members also show that the companies represented by the VNCW can provide safe storage of chemicals and fulfill a vital link in society.

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Mr. L.J.C.M. Govaert

Chairman / Director VNCW