Security Awareness voor TAPA en AEO (Nederlands)

Security Awareness for TAPA and AEO (English)



To meet the requirements of the TAPA-FSR and TAPA-TSR standards or the AEO Guidelines, all personnel must be trained to ensure awareness with a view to Security.

The TAPA FSR 2020 requires all employees to be trained within 60 days after they have been employed and TAPA TSR 2020 requires all employees and drivers to be trained within 30 days after the have been employed. After the initial training, the training must be repeated every two years.
Also the AEO Guidelines requires employees to be trained with a view to Security Awareness shortly after they have been employed. Our advice is to train employees every 2 years as well.

This training covers, amongst others:

  • causes of crime and fraud,
  • safety awareness and alertness;
  • recognize safety risks’s;
  • how to act in the event of an incident,
  • information security;
  • road transport protection,
  • special situations, such as robbery and terrorism.

The e-learning requires a good internet connection and a digital device such as smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC.

For who

Employees of companies who wish to obtain or already have the TAPA FSR or TAPA TSR certification or AEO permit.

Preliminary training

No preliminary training is needed to attend this e-learning.

Time needed

After the necessary login credentials have been received from KTL Nederland (approx. 2 days) and after having finalized the registration process, the e-learning can be started.

The course will take approximately 1,5 – 2 hours and is ended with a test.

When the test has been completed successfully, the certificate can be downloaded immediately.