E-learning course hazardous substances in storage (PGS15)

E-learning course hazardous substances in storage (PGS15)



The course:

Knowledge about the PGS15 is indispensable when you’re in a PGS15 storage works and responsibility or when your saved PGS15 inspects. The storage of hazardous materials requires a broader knowledge.
In the E-learning course hazardous substances in storage is not only PGS15, but also a wide range of other topics that are important in a secure storage. The online course is developed by a nationally recognized PGS15 specialist and qualified leads you on as requested in the PGS15 (certification scheme for personal skills).
Topics include:

  • The law – and regulations concerning the storage of dangerous materials (PGS15) and external security.
  • The properties, the labelling of substances according to GHS/WM/ADR and the packaging.
  • Separation of substances in the storage.
  • The storage of different substances.
  • Working safely with hazardous substances in the warehouse.
  • Fire fighting and emergency control dangerous substances.

With this course do employees of companies, institutions and Governments a thorough – and especially practical knowledge on. the course contains different modules on the treated fabric with after each module a number of practice questions. After participation the participant receives, after sufficient showing, PGS15 the certificate within 2 weeks of SafetyNet Educations.


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