E-learning course logisticians (KTL)




The GDP guideline states that all employees who work with medicines regularly need training. A distinction is made between a Responsible Person and logistics employees. The content of this training complies with the GDP Guidelines dated 5-11-2013 (2013 / C343 / 01) and GDP API dated 3/19/2015 (2015 / C95 / 01). Topics in this training are:

  • what are correct and false medicines;
  • the purpose of the GDP Directive;
  • which permits apply;
  • which legislation applies;
  • what serialization is;
  • what his / her responsibilities are;
  • what to do if things go wrong.

The e-learning requires a good internet connection and a digital device such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.

For who

The logistics employee module is intended for all personnel involved in activities related to medicines, such as the purchasing, sales, customs and warehouse departments.

Preliminary training

No preliminary training is needed in order to attend this e-learning.

Time needed

After receipt of the coupon code from KTL Nederland (approx. 2 days) and completing the registration on the training site, the e-learning can be started.

The training takes about 2,5 hours and is ended with a test.

When the test has been completed successfully, the certificate can be downloaded immediately.